Of late many people have changed their storage systems from tapes to disks. Well this is a wave change in the level of technology. The other reason is because of some of the myths about LTO tapes

What is a LTO tape?

This is a Line tape open. This is a magnetic data storage system that was developed in the 1990s. The original type was called Ultrium which can hold up to 00GB of data. This was released in 2000. The other one which can hold up to 6TB of data was released in 205. This is a combination of several generations of Ultrium.

There are various myths about these tapes that people have believed and have therefore made them stop using the tape and turn to disks. The main one is;

That tape is dead

From the fact that tape is not used a lot for backup, many people assume that it is dead and forgotten. This is however not the case. Many people may have closed their eyes to this but it is still very much used in various companies and organizations. Many people who actually understand it and its many sections and methods of data storage prefer it over disk. This is because the tape has various advantages over the disk. These are such as the fact that it is more resilient and better at the storage business.

This is not the only myth about LTO tapes. Some of the others include

That tape is slower than disk

When compared, the reality then changes this assumption. The raw speed of tape is higher than the raw speed of disk. This is one thing many people don’t look into before they assume the worst of tapes. The data is a bit simple in writing data than the disk is. This is because of some of the many processes the disk employs to write data such as RAID. Because of that, this means that the tape is faster than the disk and will perform a good job too. The best description for one to understand better is that the disk is more patient. If the input of data is inadequate the tape will slow down and once data starts coming in it will have to power up again to get to that speed. On the other side disk will maintain a constant speed whether the data is inadequate or not.


There is still a lot of wrong assumption in the case of LTO tapes. People should however look into them before they can start assuming some things that are not true.